Task management app help our work to be easier. These applications offer several advanced features that help us get work done faster.

Interestingly, we can use this application for free. Although access to some features requires us to use paid services.

Task Management App, Work Becomes Easier and Faster

3 Task Management App

Currently, there are many applications that we can use according to our needs and desires. Here are some of them.


In the first place is the Trello application. Trello is an application that can help us manage various tasks and projects in the form of a Kanban board.

Trello has a very easy operation. This application allows all its users to see the status of the project visually.

Not only that, but it also makes it easier for us to prioritize tasks to manage projects very easily.


The next task management app, namely ClickUp. ClickUp is an application that offers complete features.

This application has offered more than 100 task or project management features. Call it, task and time management, reporting, to team collaboration.

ClickUp has a very intuitive interface. With this application, we can rearrange tasks by dragging and dropping items according to their priority.

The various features that ClickUp presents are not much different from other applications. If you are already familiar with Trello, Asana, Wrike, and Microsoft Excel, you won’t have any trouble importing work via ClickUp.

We can use this application for free. However, it is limited to the number of built-in tools of 100 uses.

To use all the task management features and increase the usage limits, you must switch your account to the paid version. The advantage again, we only need to pay per month for one user for $ 5.


One more task management application that we shouldn’t miss, namely TypeTalk. TypeTalk is not a typical project management application, but also offers group chats that are integrated with other web productivity applications.

In addition, we can use this application simultaneously with several other applications. such as Caco, a cloud-based mapping application, to Backlog. However, to use more complete features, this application provides a paid version.

The cost range that we have to spend is $ 10 per month for five users. Get storage support up to 50GB.

Those were several task management app that we can consider. This application is available on a variety of Android and iOS-based devices to Windows and Mac computers. For maximum results, choose the application that best suits your needs.