Best Music Playlist App For Android, Free, and Paid

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The music playlist app can be a mainstay to accompany your daily routine. We cannot deny that carrying out activities while listening to music does feel fun and not boring. Therefore, for you music lovers, make sure you know what the applications are.

Best Music Playlist App For Android, Free, and Paid

Recommended Music Playlist App

The following are some recommended music playlist apps that you can choose from.


One application that you can use to listen to music playlists on an Android smartphone is Spotify. To listen to music in this application, you don’t need to pay a fee or it’s free

Even so, if you want to listen to songs or other entertainment with more complete features, then you can switch to a premium account. However, you have to pay a fee if you want to use the premium version of Spotify.

YouTube Music

Apart from Spotify, you can also listen to music through an application called YouTube Music. This Android application has various song statistics, music genres, musicians, and albums.

In its use, you can use YouTube Music in the regular or premium version. If you use the regular version of YouTube Music, of course, you don’t need to pay a fee, but there are lots of advertisements that appear.

Meanwhile, for those of you who use the premium version of YouTube Music, you will need to pay an additional fee. It’s just that, later you will not be disturbed by advertisements.


Your routine can also be fun when you listen to music in the SoundCloud application. This application is an online audio distribution platform.

In addition, this application is also a website that can share music. When using this application, users can easily upload, promote, or share audio.

Just like the previous music playlist app for Android, you can enjoy SoundCloud for free or for a fee. If you use the paid version of the application, later you can get more features.

No less important for you to know that the row of applications above has many users. This is because the application has been accessed by many users in all corners of the world. The number of users is due to the features, music, and services available in the application.

From the description above, it is clear that the music playlist app for Android is high quality. If you like music of any genre or from any musician, be sure to have the application above.