Every day, more and more people are turning to mindfulness apps to learn about mindfulness and its mental health benefits. The app also plays a role in helping to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life. Not only aspects of mindfulness, some applications feature several forms of meditation that are also important for life.

The Best Mindfulness App for Habit Building for Beginners

The Best Mindfulness App

When looking for the right application, it’s important to match what you want to develop. If you’re currently looking for an app to help build mindfulness and meditation habits, here are some recommendations.


For those of you who prefer to be close to friends who have the same complaints, the best mindfulness app for you. Sattva includes integrated meditation, music, ancient chants and much more. With this app, you can browse collections and playlists according to mood or time of day.

You can also use the app to dive deeper into meditation with the app’s meditation tracker, timer, and statistical tools. You can connect with friends through communities and share playlists.


The app offers more than 1,000 experiences for users to choose from. A variety of mindfulness audio streams are available to provide protection and access to the guidance and tools you need to build mental resilience. If you prefer to organize your own sessions or events, this mindfulness app offers easy settings. There are 9 languages and meditations covering, hope, acceptance, body image, to feelings of inadequacy.


Users can get the best access with this mindfulness apps. Users who are stressed or looking for a mental break can gain access to a variety of meditations. This access can reduce anxiety, improve focus, reduce anxiety, and much more. Users can get various stories and relaxing music. In addition, there is also integrated meditation learning. Calm also offers experts that are live and available on mobile phones and other smart devices.

Timer Insights

Insight Timer is the best choice because it has various portfolios that support the features of talking to experts, live workshops, and experienced coaches. Not only are meditations unified, the platform also allows users to browse through specific categories. Even got a meditation meeting in person.

Expand: Beyond Meditation

Topics covered on this platform are joy, insight, nurturing healthy relationships, creativity, and intuition. So, with this meditation and mindfulness app you can explore variations of meditation, engage in journaling, and enjoy background sound via the Timer tab.


The last recommended mindfulness application is Medito, which provides daily meditation options, emergencies, and sleep meditation options. Medito makes great use of variety in a mindful space. This app is free for you to use, enjoy more for easy falling asleep, beach visualization, and full body meditation step by step.

Those are a number of mindfulness app recommendations to help organize your mind more clearly and of course provide health for your body.