Parenting tips app is specially designed which works for parents. This application is very important to help manage children so as to minimize stress. With this application, you can help find tips to be more organized, save time, increase knowledge, and track various precious moments.

Parenting Tips App to Help Raise Children Better for Fathers & Mothers

Parenting Tips App to Help Raise Children Better

In the following application recommendations, you can use for children of all ages. Starting from applications for parenting to applications for families. If you need help with tips and managing family schedules, here are some recommended apps.


This first recommendation contains resources with parenting tips and advice. This app provides advice for parents from three years old to 16 years old. This application can also help new parents in facing new challenges. Because you can use the application during pregnancy.

If you have questions about your baby, you can join a live chat with your doctor. You can track your child’s growth, set vaccination reminders, and keep medical records with this parenting tips app.


This one application provides tens to hundreds of selected questions that are used as talking points with their children. So this application can help promote skills in thinking and communicating in general with many topics that can be discussed.

KidCoach can also help parents to stimulate thinking and communication skills in children. Additionally, hundreds of questions are in categories with supporting notes in flash card format.


This next Parenting tips app can help with family planning and communication while providing sensitive support. This is in the extra context of accommodating schedule changes and making approximations recommendations.

Thanks to the embedded smart assistant, you can look at your calendar and tell it what you need to know. This tips for parenting app also allows you to simplify the management of all your routines and tasks. You do this by maintaining a regular schedule and assigning responsibilities.


Medscape can help find information according to the age range of children’s development and behavior. Developed by WebMD, this application allows its users to stay informed of more than 3,000 diseases. So you don’t just learn about the latest available medical information. But it also helps to learn more about harmful drug interactions.

Parenting Heroes

This app features tips and advice from Julie King and Joanna Faber. They are internationally recognized experts in adult-child communication. You can use Parenting Hero to make your relationship with your children more fruitful because it comes with practical skills.

Those are five parenting tips app recommendations that are compatible with Android and iOS. These applications have their respective functions, so you need to sort them according to your needs.