The following four recommended finance apps for business allow you to manage your business income and expenses more easily.

This application allows business people to be able to manage finances or systems in their business more easily and practically. Therefore, its presence has been well received by the public, especially entrepreneurs.

Finance Apps for Business

4 Finance Apps for Business

Technological advances have made significant progress in enabling businesses to manage their business more easily. The majority of smartphone or tablet users use it to download several apps that make their work easier and more efficient.

They can do various things with these applications quickly and practically. From managing customers, sending invoices to doing credit card transactions or business financial projections. Whether a business is small or large, they will equally benefit from the presence of these apps in their business life.

The apps for business are as follows:


This first app is one of the best accounting apps in the business world. The application comes with various features that make it easy for users to operate.

FreshBooks is a financial application that is completely web-based. This means that you will get access if you are online.

This application even has a long list of integrations, including HubSpot and Gusto. So you can make it the data center of your entire business.


The next finance apps for business is Mint, which you can use for financial monitoring and budgeting in your business. This app can put all your business accounts in one place.

You can do various things related to business, such as managing, credit score, cash flow, bills, investments, credit cards and so on with just one application. The presence of this application is like a ledger that contains various data and information related to your business only in digital form.

You can even track income and expenses in your business so you can easily analyze your business progress.


This next accounting software can be a mobile app, on Android or iOS, or even on the desktop. It serves as the financial center of your entire business. From invoicing, inventory management, bank transactions and more.


This app is capable of doing financial planning using the envelope budgeting method. Although its presence is intended for home budgeting, this application can support financial management in the business you run, both small and large businesses.

The envelope method itself is the division of your business income into ‘envelopes’ that become budget categories.

Those are four of the many finance apps for business that can support the sustainability of your business. You and other business owners can easily manage the system or finances in business.